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Contrary to popular opinion, traveling without travel companies are often cheaper. Cheap tours have a low price is due to mass, ie individual approach should not wait.

So what's the pros travel "savage"?

The main advantages of independent travel:

a) Save some money. Even without a detailed explanation is already becoming clear that the tour may not be cheaper than independent travel. Otherwise, the expense of what workers would live travel agents. Planning ahead your travel dates, you can find cheaper airline tickets, budget accommodation, no worse that offer tours and will not give money for something for which you can not pay at all.
b) Choose the trip on their own and should not be difficult to change it. What is the route by the voucher? - A pre-paid hotel accommodation, pre-paid transfers and excursions. Changes in what is one of this list would entail additional costs. It is unlikely that anyone will like it. Besides wanting to visit Spain you can combine your vacation, a time to be there where the sea is cleaner and the beaches are better, and spend some time in Barcelona or Madrid. So you do not have to wander on trains, buses. You have to be all the time
c) What to watch and how much? You choose. If you have traveled with the group, then you probably know the expression - "come on quickly and then be too late." But why rush? This is your holiday in Spain, a country with great culture. Use this opportunity to meet with Spain is better. With nature, culture and history of the country and its inhabitants. This is beyond words ....
d) food (at least - breakfast). You will have at the same hotel, where you settle, and well, if you will it to your liking. And if not? And it is not necessarily that expensive restaurants, "imprisoned for tourists," cook better than in the small cafe. It is often the opposite. In any case, having the opportunity to choose, you can always find a place where you are satisfied and the price and quality of prepared food. Especially renting an apartment or a room, you can always cook for my family. This will require the same foods at the supermarket. This is for those looking for a budget option for travel.
e) "package" tour usually includes a lot of right, not a right and not right excursions. Any of them may optionally be purchased from the "producer" - travel agencies, which are located in Barcelona. And it will cost a lot cheaper and you can choose a plan according to your wishes. Enjoy the full release, without fearing that you will have to hurry, and you'll save yourself from unnecessary emotions about the delay in the other (as often happens when the leaves on a tour group). If you do not want to pay for a guide who speaks your language is a good guide will be your "guide"

Is it dangerous to travel independently?

Another issue of concern to those planning an independent trip: "Is not it dangerous?". Fears may be very different: how to navigate in a foreign country, what to do in an emergency, it does not collide with local bandits, thieves, etc. Fears are not unfounded, however, similar situations may arise in any trip - even if you eat a tour.

Unfortunately, on such things are not perfect: both in the unfamiliar, and in their own country. It does not matter - you went on a trip alone or with a tour agency. Tour operators in case of emergency can only provide assistance to the guide, who will try to solve your problem.

Navigate in a foreign country also may not be quite complicated. Stock up on a map and guidebook. In addition, many cities have a special service where you can get a free map and other necessary data for independent travel. You'll see, it's not as scary as it sounds, and even more fun!


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